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Welcome at ADAMS! 

ADAMS offers its customers:
a wide-ranging consulting of its production tasks and develops innovative and efficient concepts that contribute to the customers’ success.

ADAMS manufactures innovative, precise, efficient and multifunctional processing machines for various production areas and fields. Moreover, ADAMS offers support in individual manufacturing solutions and in overall production solutions.

Our innovative and multifunctional high-tech processing machines are trendsetting towards future processing tasks.
We supply the best ideas for the innovative and efficient manufacturing, consequently, production of our customers. 

That is what we stand for:
Adams stands for customer satisfaction, efficiency, precision and innovation.
We, a reliable and competent partner, consult our customers about efficient processing machines and special-purpose machines for customer-specific and industry-specific process solutions.
We take up the tasks of our customers and solve them due to innovative ideas  and technologies.
We have the technologies that have had the best evaluations in the practice.
We are working constantly and intensively on the mature technologies for our customers to be used as improved advantages.t 

High level in technology and technique
The workpieces to be processed are getting more and more complex and precise, so that very high demands on processing machines are required.   
For ADAMS it is therefore very important that our customers obtain the best solutions for their tasks. 

Service: reliable, competent, fast
We support our customers in all questions about workpiece-specific processing machines.
We work out together with our customers optimal solutions for their manufacturing, consequently, production and contribute efficiently into the increase of customer satisfaction.,